What Is Interesting From Indonesia?

Indonesia is the biggest Islands country in the world, Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands which are all tropical climates, since Indonesia is located along the equator.

As a country located in a tropical climate with scorching sun shines all year, making Indonesia has abundant natural wealth, this is proven by the high level of biodiversity in the Indonesian archipelago. both land and marine life. Continue reading

The Best Marine Tourism in The World


Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua’s remote location. This area stores a million beauty beneath the sea. Raja Ampat marine tourism is recognized as one of 10 tours of the world’s best diving.

Enchantment under the marine and natural resources, became the mainstay of competition through the Raja Ampat Islands in Indonesia tourism world and the world. This area is known as a center for tropical natural resources of the world’s richest.

“We want to introduce to the world of Raja Ampat. Maritime Raja Ampat Tourism has the potential and opportunity to be first in the world stage,” said Marcus Wanma Raja Ampat regent during the opening of the Raja Ampat Tourism Information Centre at Jalan By Pass Sanur, Denpasar.

To introduce to the world, Raja Ampat opened an information center in Bali. The reason, Bali as the main destinations of foreign tourists to Indonesia.

Through our Bali and invite investors to introduce the world to Raja Ampat,” Marcus said.

Raja Ampat is a new district in Indonesia. Remote area located in West Papua was only seven years old. In fact, the infrastructure is inadequate. To reach the Raja Ampat, travelers must fly into the sea along the Sorong then as far as 71 km to arrive in Raja Ampat. Continue reading

Hotel in Bandung for Your Weekend Holiday

Tangkuban Parahu

Tangkuban Parahu

For those who face the challenging routines every day, short weekend holiday is a great way to rejuvenate the spirit to face the following week. One of the favorite place for weekend holiday in Indonesia is in Bandung.

Bandung offers everything that needed for an enjoyable weekend holiday. A cool weather, interesting attractions, cheap food, shopping parade and affordable hotel. What else do you need?

Plan your weekend holiday in Bandung now and don’t forget to book early for your hotel in Bandung. On the weekend, most of the hotels will be fully booked. Here are some of the best selection for hotels in Bandung

Amaris Hotel Cihampelas

This modern but affordable hotel is located in one of Bandung favorite attraction for shopping, Cihampelas. For around IDR 300 K ++ you can get a room for your stay with complete facilities including WiFi, non smoking room, satellite TV, shower, etc. Amaris Hotel is definitely one of the best hotel in Bandung.

Orange Home’s Hotel

The hotel is furnished with classic home style furniture that will makes you feel like staying at home. Enjoyable and friendly services are available for every guest staying at this hotel.

To make your booking process easier, you can use online booking services like Wego.co.id. Wego can helps you choose the cheapest and best hotels to book in Bandung.

Happy holiday

Diving Insurance Tips From a Scuba Diving Instructor



The ocean is a indeed a fascinating place, with more water covering our planet it is not surprising that the amazing things that we can see under the sea ocean floor is something we are going to marvel and be mesmerized about for generations to come.

This is why scuba diving has been a very consistent popular sport and hobby through out the world. In central Europe where most of people do not see the ocean, it is become popular for people to not just come to the sea to observe its beauty from above but also to see what lies underneath.

In the America alone, it is a multi million dollar industry with literally hundreds of magazines being printed about the topic of scuba diving. Travel agent market their vacation get away with incentives on scuba diving adventures to some of the most beautiful oceans and get a amazing amount of bookings. Continue reading

Wakatobi: Offers You the Ultimate Underwater View



Having a time for vacation is what people need. People might feel so bored for they have to work for hours a day and sometimes they have to have overtime job because of tight deadline to chase. For that reason, people will plan for their vacation so that they could have their memorable vacation. When you are looking for the beautiful place to spend your vacation time, choosing enjoying underwater view offered by Wakatobi diving resort would the best decision that you will never regret.

To support your vacation plan, it is important for you to look for complete information about the place you are going to visit. To help you finding the information about Wakatobi, you just need to visit Holidayiq.co.id. In this website, you will be able to get complete review of hotels and tourism destination of particular places in Indonesia.

It will totally help your vacation time in Wakatobi since you could book the hotel from now on based on your choice from the reviews provided in the website. So, what are you waiting for? It is about time for you to get the best vacation to refresh your mind and soul. Take this great chance or you will regret it.

Escape to a Scuba Diver’s Garden of Eden?

Indonesia is considered by some to be a scuba diver’s Garden of Eden. If you are looking for some of the best spots to dive, then one of my many recommendations would be Sulawesi, which is home to some of the most varied and incredible diving in the world. To dive in Manado in the Bunaken National Marine Park means being surrounded by marine biodiversity that is the envy of the world — with more varieties of coral than anywhere else.

A short drive from here is the Lembeh Strait — the undisputed King of muck diving destinations. This small calm stretch of water is considered by macro photographers and critter hunters to offer the most impressive diving. Along the black sandy floor you will encounter more bizarre and fascinating marine creatures than you could wish for. Add to this the Sangihe Archipelago and Bangka Island, and you can see why many divers return time and again to Sulawesi, an island that can fulfil all your dive dreams.

Banda Islands — the Banda Sea may be located between the better known destinations of Komodo and Raja Ampat, but for those in the know it deserves its own reputation as one of the world’s best dive regions. Scuba diving in Banda means experiencing incredible variety of both large and small. Big pelagics and large schools abound. The reefs are healthy and thriving. Consider on top of this that many different species of whales and dolphins are often sighted, and you begin to get the picture. Diving here is varied, colourful and fascinating as it takes in the critter haven of Ambon as well as the Banda Islands.

How to Dive Indonesia

It all depends on the diving you want to do. I recommend 2 ways: resort stays in Sulawesi and Bali will allow you the opportunity to base yourself close to some of the finest diving in the world.

Alternatively, liveaboard cruises in Indonesia are always a top choice for those who want to see more than any land based stay can offer. Liveaboards can take you around the best of Northern Sulawesi, east from Bali to the legendary island of Komodo, Wakatobi, or into the inspiring frontier territory of the Banda Sea and Irian Jaya. Breathtaking diving, fantastic boats and inspiring topside scenery all await you here.

Diving Season

You can dive in Indonesia at any time of the year. Generally speaking for such a vast country, April to December are the best times to go since rainy season is more or less between the months of January and March. That said, many places, such as Sulawesi, have excellent conditions at this time so be sure to check the diving season details for your particular destination of choice. The Indonesia liveaboard safari season is all year round.

Reef Summary

Good for: Small animals, underwater photography, wall dives, wreck diving, drift dives, reef life and health, and advanced divers
Not so good for: Beginner divers
Depth: 5 — 40m
Visibility: 10 — 80m
Currents: Can be very strong
Surface conditions: Calm
Water temperature: 19 — 30°C
Experience level: Intermediate — advanced
Number of dive sites: 500
Access: Scuba resorts and liveaboard charters
Recommended length of stay: 2 — 4 weeks

Are You Thinking of Scuba Diving in Indonesia?

Diving in Indonesia

Diving in Indonesia

Slap bang in the middle of the ‘Coral Triangle’ of diversity that extends from Australia to the Philippines and across to Borneo and into the South Pacific, Indonesia is generally accepted to be the world’s best country for sea life. Indonesia has more marine diversity than anywhere on earth and is at the core of the ocean’s heart, where the marine variety suggests life in the sea began.

With 20% of the world’s coral reefs, over 3,000 different species of fish and 600 coral species, deep water trenches, volcanic sea mounts, World War II wrecks, and an endless variety of macro life, scuba diving in Indonesia is both excellent and inexpensive.

You can dive here now and experience all the wondrous fish and other marine life in these nutrient-rich seas. From encounters with big pelagics around the cool waters of Komodo, cruising over pristine fields of coral in Raja Ampat, marvelling at the enormous volumes of fish in the Banda Islands, to photographing the outrageous critters of Sulawesi, Indonesia diving is unsurpassable.

There are packages to suit all needs including resort diving in Bali and Sulawesi where you can stay in comfort on the doorstep of world-class dive sites where marine biologists, photographers and pleasure divers come to marvel and the species numbers and variety.

For many, diving is best on one of the liveaboards to Komodo and beyond, into the seemingly unchartered territory of Irian Jaya. These trips offer the chance to cruise over crystal seas from Bali to the legendary islands of Komodo and Rinca where the dragons of folklore roam. Beyond Komodo lies some of the most exhilarating frontier scuba diving there is, around the Banda Islands and Raja Ampat where there are few boats and only serious pleasure-seeking divers. Fantastic diving is virtually assured.


Such a vast and varied destination as Indonesia is very difficult to limit to just a few highlights but any consideration of a dive holiday here should bear in mind at least the following areas:

Raja Ampat – one of the few destinations left which truly allows you to feel like you are a pioneer – to boldly dive where no man has dived before. You can marvel at the incredible topside scenery of Irian Jaya, sail through waters where so few boats venture and experience some of the most impressive Indonesia scuba diving… and therefore the world. For those who want to get away from it all and dive in a remote paradise but not compromise on comfort then Raja Ampat liveaboards are the choice for you.

Komodo National Park – the islands of myth and legend where dragons roam, are surrounded by rich nutrient-filled waters where a kaleidoscope of colour and life awaits you. Mantas, dolphins and sharks compete with critters galore, all against a riot of soft coral colours. Komodo liveaboard trips allow you to visit the many varied sites around this awesome marine park, some starting in Bali and visiting all the best sites along the way.

Diving Insurance Requests on the Rise As Enthusiasts Flock the Islands of Raja Ampat in Indonesia



If you are already a seasoned diver or you are new to diving but have the budget and the desire to experience scuba diving to its utmost pleasure then you have to visit the famous “Four Kings”.

Known to have the most richest coral reef life in world today, the so called “Four Kings” or Raja Ampat is located in the northwest end of the Bird’s Head Peninsula in the island of New Guinea the West Papua’s province in Indonesia. Its huge popularity made this beautiful place a candidate to be the first marine Unesco World Heritage Site.

Diving in Raja Ampat

Diving in Raja Ampat

It has been the topic of discussions in diving enthusiast’s forums worldwide and the subject of fascination for the serious scuba diver who wants to really experience the amazing beauty of the Raja Ampat’s coral reefs. If the popularity reaches an all time high, it may well be a Mecca for divers of the world to visit at least once in their life time similar to the Hajj for the Muslims.

Thousand of bookings are made in travel agents to visit this place from tourists in US and UK with one goal in mind and that is to dive and see the coral reefs that have been so popular in many diving forums these last few years. In connection with this, we are also expected to see a lot of inquires and requests for travel and diving insurance.

Although these people already have their basic insurance protection, they are now being more informed of getting specific insurance for divers when they go do their passion and sport. Diving insurance does not only cover a person from accidents that could happen in their diving escapades but can also cover their diving equipment as well such as their compressors, etc.

Especially if one will take a diving trip to the Four Kings, you would be crazy do scuba dive here and not bring your underwater camera! What a spectacular view you will miss to document if you didn’t bring your camera with you. Diving insurance can also protect and cover your camera as well, saving you thousands of dollars in case something unwanted happens to your camera underwater.

Truly, the Raja Ampat is one of today’s most exciting places to take a vacation and dive to your hearts content with memories that you will remember through out your life.

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