What Is Interesting From Indonesia?

Indonesia is the biggest Islands country in the world, Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands which are all tropical climates, since Indonesia is located along the equator.

As a country located in a tropical climate with scorching sun shines all year, making Indonesia has abundant natural wealth, this is proven by the high level of biodiversity in the Indonesian archipelago. both land and marine life.

Central Indonesia (Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara Islands, until Maluku) is an area that is very unique, because it has so many endemic fauna that can only be found there, such as Comodo dragon, dwarf buffalo, and babi rusa.

Indonesia also has many interesting places that can visit, whether it has been professionally managed like a tourist island of Bali, Bunaken, and the islands Togean. as well as other interesting places that have not developed to maximum potential to attract both domestic and foreign tourism as the Sempu Island, Raja Ampat islands, until the other beautiful islands scattered in the middle of Indonesia.

Indonesia is a paradise for sport fishing hobbyist, especially the central Indonesian seas, such as banda and halmahera sea, which has lots of fish, especially fish that became the icon of the fisher, the fish is blue marlin.

Many unique cultures and traditions found in Indonesia, such as ceremonies Ngaben (cremation) in Bali, kasada ceremony at Mount Bromo, whale hunting is only by using a spear in flores, until mummy in Papua.

Sea around the Raja Ampat islands is also the richest in the world’s oceans, this is evidenced by the number of species new species found there by scientists, such as shark species that move by using their fins as “legs” to walk on the seabed.

In conclusion, Indonesia is an extraordinary country, which has no equal in terms of biodiversity, cultural, and indigenous.


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